Basic policy

Interman Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Interman”) believes that protecting and managing customer information received from customers is a social responsibility, and in compliance with laws and company rules concerning personal information, etc. We will properly acquire, use and manage personal information to be handled.

Scope of application

This policy is applied to customers who do business with Interman, and indicates the policy that Interman complies with when handling personal information or similar information of customers in various services performed by Interman.

Acquisition of personal information and purpose of use

(1) Interman receives the following information from customers. - Registration information about using our service - Purchase information about using our service Content of inquiries from customers - Contact information (2) Interman uses information from customers for the following purposes. - For various contacts and billing requests for business partners. - For confirmation or notification about the ordered products, delivery, and after-sales service. - To respond to customer requests and inquiries. However, since these are information / introduction based on the consent of the customer, they can be canceled at any time by the request from the customer of the corporation etc. - For various information to customers by telephone, mail, visit, facsimile or email service etc. - For various marketing, customization, promotion, and service improvement. - To contact you in any way.

Management of personal information

At Interman, we will do the following to manage information provided by customers: Ensuring the accuracy of information We will strive to ensure that information provided by customers is accurate and current. Safety control measures In regard to the management of personal information in an organized manner, Interman defines strict handling methods in accordance with company regulations, and ensures thorough handling based on this. Employee supervision Interman strictly enforces the handling of personal information handling regulations based on internal regulations. Outsourced supervision When outsourcing the handling of personal information, in accordance with the regulations of the copy, we will outsource only the outsourcing company that meets the requirements and carry out appropriate management. Retention period and disposal We will set a retention period for information provided by customers and will discard it after the retention period is over. In addition, even if it is within the retention period, it will be discarded promptly if it becomes a wrinkle.

Third party provided

Interman does not conduct any business of selling or lending customer information to a third party leaving a transaction with the customer. In addition, Interman may consign personal information to other companies within the scope required for achieving the purpose of use.

Disclosure, correction, suspension of use of personal information, etc.

Interman may disclose customer information in the following cases: As a general rule, when disclosure is required, we will respond only to the customer itself, but corporate customers may respond to employees within the same corporation. When outsourcing all or part of the handling of customer information within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use. When a partner who works in a joint transaction with a customer needs information. When it is deemed necessary to disclose information for the purpose of dealing with customers. In the case where information obtained by aggregation, analysis, etc. is disclosed without being identifiable by the customer. When we receive a formal inquiry based on the law from a public institution such as the police or a court. When deemed necessary to protect the rights of Interman and third parties and property. When business succession is carried out due to a merger, company split, business transfer, or other reasons. When there is an imminent danger to human life, body and property, etc., and there is an urgent need.

Revision of privacy policy

Interman's business is constantly evolving. Therefore, this policy may be revised without notice. If a change occurs, we will notify on our site. Please check the latest privacy policy from time to time. Unless otherwise specified, the latest privacy policy applies to all information we have about you. Please be forewarned that we will not be liable for any problems caused by having not been confirmed.

About links with other sites

If you have links from Interman's site to other sites, we are not responsible for the protection of your information on those sites. (It is recommended to check the privacy policy of each site.)

About disclosure and correction of personal information

Interman will promptly respond in a reasonable manner when a customer requests disclosure or correction of personal information, but at that time a reasonable fee may be charged taking into consideration the actual cost. There is. In addition, if there is a late payment for Interman, or such history, we will respond separately according to the regulations.

The information desk

If you have any questions or complaints regarding this document, or the personal information protection in Interman, please contact us from here.