Interman's culture

We introduce the Culture and company culture of Interman, including the characteristics and communication of members, and internal events.

Open communication

In order to promote open communication regardless of age and job title, we are making it a practice to call on names rather than job titles. Also, as you might expect, we emphasize the stance of “Greeting is the basis of all communication.” Participation in in-house projects and study sessions is free regardless of department or job type. Off works as an open community both inside and outside the company. Every season, we participate in traditional events in Kagoshima, have barbecues with family members, and have parties such as parties at share houses / labs in Tokyo and Kagoshima. This is also free to plan and participate. Of course, external participants are also welcome.

Members with diverse backgrounds and skills

Our menbers work in a style where everyone thinks and moves on our own. What makes it possible is the members gathered with unique background and skills. The best members, with 1 + 1 equaling 10 or 20, work with each other while having rivalry.

Interman getting familiar from children and family

A Christmas party with family members. The purpose is to have the family gain a better understanding of the business of Interman and the daily work of employees through office tours and exchanges with colleagues at work. Before Christmas, it is fun every year to work out ideas on what kind of present to give to which child. Since everyone knows who is at what grade of the child, it is an environment that can be covered without hesitation. In addition, we emphasize balance of work and home so that we can demonstrate ability to the maximum according to each working member's lifestyle.

Health first

Health is also important for getting the best work done. We carry out the recommendation to the medical checkup and assistance to the gym. In the case of illness or poor physical condition, we are fully aware that we will recover completely before coming to work.

Creativity and innovation / Always learning and challenging

Regardless of the field, we are actively filing patent applications throughout the group. Academic activities such as joint research with universities and industry-academia-government collaboration projects are also popular. Even small ideas are picking up and nurturing innovation seeds, and eventually they are searching for the establishment of a business that will be a major pillar of the company.

Understanding carrier formation

You can be active in various fields depending on your ability and motivation. One example is that employees who worked hard as sales reps have now launched a new division, operating ocean resource testing plants jointly with universities, and developing new products. It is a company that supports the attitude of learning and challenging new things. If you want to make the most of your own imagination and planning ability, be sure to challenge in Interman.

Country life

In Interman, there are paddy fields, fields and forests that are always available. If there is hope, we can challenge various agriculture by rice cultivation, cultivation in the field. We also support searching for vacant houses etc. for those who want to live in the country. It is also possible to live in the countryside.