Working Environment

Introducing Interman's work environment. At Interman, the head office is located in Kagoshima, and the Group Tokyo Head Office and sales offices in the metropolitan area in the office creation business are located in Tokyo, creating an environment where you can focus according to your duties.

Our head office in Kagoshima City is located in a building directly connected to Kagoshima Chuo Station, providing easy access from within and outside the prefecture. We have bases for each of our businesses as well as a development base where we can freely create products. Some employees work remotely, depending on their job type and abilities. Flexible work styles are available depending on family circumstances at the time, such as childcare, participation in children's school events, hospital visits, etc. For those who value a work environment that suits them and have mastered independent progress management, this system allows them to maximize their abilities. It is currently being used by IT engineers.

The company has a bright and open atmosphere with a panoramic view of the entire floor, providing an environment where cross-departmental consultation and collaboration can easily take place.

This is a free space for meetings and meal breaks. During breaks, you can enjoy a friendly meal at a table or relax on a sofa by the window.

A 5-minute walk from the office, there are accommodation facilities for manufacturing development bases and employees. With machine tools that can process various materials, employees can use them freely. At this time, parties may be held inviting parties inside and outside the company.

The AMU WE commercial zone in the JR Kagoshima Chuo Building, where the office is located, includes stores and clinics, making it convenient for after-work shopping, hospital visits, etc..


The Tokyo office located in Shiba Daimon in Minato-ku, Tokyo has a group Tokyo headquarters. There is also a metropolitan area sales office for the office creation business. Based in this area, we communicate with clients in a wide sales area including Tokyo metropolitan area on a daily basis.

The Tokyo office, which has a sales office in the metropolitan area, is located in Minato Ward with easy access to all parts of Tokyo. As a result, the burden of transportation is reduced, and more efficient sales activities are realized.

We use video conference call services to communicate with Kagoshima headquarters. During the meeting, of course, you can always connect the office and work without feeling too much distance from the head office.

The Tokyo office also has a showroom function for the in-house product “Bodyphon®”.

In both Tokyo and Kagoshima, Interman employs employees with diverse careers regardless of age, gender, or background.