Business Support Office joined in 2014


We must carefully consider "What do members really need to solve?"

Please tell us about your current work.

Currently, as an in-house system engineer, I am mainly engaged in the IT creation, improvement of business systems, and maintenance in the office creation business division. In addition, our new mission is to develop new tools to improve business efficiency, propose new technologies, and organize in-house study sessions on advanced technologies. In addition, we are also working on technological support for launching new businesses.

Please tell us how you got into Interman.

Until a few years ago, I worked as an engineer in a development company of FA control system in Aichi Prefecture, but I had to return to my hometown because of my family's circumstances. When I was thinking about finding a job in my hometown, I had a chance to meet President Uetabira at an overseas exhibition before, and I visited the headquarters of Interman. At this time, I think it was a light feeling like chatting. At that time, Interman was looking for a system engineer, and the talk went on to the ton beat. Because I knew the personality of the president well, I also felt the growth potential of the business, so I decided to join without getting lost. The fact that I also respected my request for “time allowance” is also one of the decisive factors that I wanted to join Interman.

What kind of work did you do before that?

I became interested in computers when I was in elementary school. I decided to become a programmer when I was in junior high school, and then I actually got a job at SIer. As a programmer, I have been involved in the development of hardware as well as software in the past. I also had a wide range of system development experience, such as machine tool control systems and Web-based systems. These experiences are greatly utilized in the technical support and equipment development for launching new businesses currently engaged.

What do you value as an in-house engineer?

For example, even when creating a new tool for internal use, we are also trying to achieve a level of satisfaction that is intended for use by external end users. For that purpose, when hearing the problems and requests that the site has, not only the problems that are manifesting but also “What do we really need to solve?” Sometimes we trace the workflow together, read materials, etc., for mutual understanding with the person in charge. Once you have a solid grasp of the content of your duties, then start developing. Even if it is a tool for the company, we try to identify the needs firmly at the same level as the request from the external client.

Please tell me what you want to challenge in the Interman from now on.

The main tasks so far have been the so-called “defensive” tasks such as system administration, maintenance and support. The project to be tackled from now on will be a big improvement project of “attack” if anything. Specifically, it will replace the existing in-house base system with the latest environment. We will develop daily with the aim of creating a system that is really easy for members to use while promoting efficiency by incorporating new development methods. There are also a number of other projects that say, “I want to get started right away, but I'm unable to get started with enough resources.” I would like to improve such situation, develop tools for work efficiency improvement and labor saving, etc. and improve even a little. In addition, in support of new business launch, we intend to work closely with departments in charge, respond quickly to places where we can provide technical support, and contribute to early launch.

What kind of person do you want to work with in Interman?

It is a person who can be happy and positive about work. As to scale, Interman is never big. That's why you can create your own work and role. I think people who can use this environment to work well are good for Interman. Technology and development methods that you want to adopt as an engineer will be adopted more and more as long as you speak up. I would like to work with someone who has a positive desire to raise voices.



Get up, breakfast while watching the news


Visiting, morning meeting, after cleaning, group meeting (Daily Scrum)


Pair programming for development projects, if there are inquiries or problems




Pair programming of development project, if there is an inquiry or trouble


Burndown chart creation


Confirm the company request list and respond in the order of high priority


End of work (If there are urgent projects, they may work overtime for about an hour)


Exercise at a nearby gym


After eating out, return home


Free time such as TV and PC reading


Go to bed