Natural Resources Development and Infrastructure Business


The work itself is the challenge itself. Aim to realize the corporate philosophy by commercializing seeds.

Please tell us about your current work.

Currently, we are aiming to commercialize three seeds, mainly in the area of regional resource utilization and environmental measures. The first is the on-land production of rare seaweed seeds that once flourished in the waters near Kagoshima. The second is research and development of high value-added products of tuna, one of Kagoshima's specialty products. And the third is a nationwide spread project of air conditioning cost reduction equipment from Kagoshima, southern country.

Please tell us how you joined Interman.

About 20 years ago, I met my seniors who were starting a business, and that was Interman. Seeing that seniors have launched a completely new form of office supplies mail order business (currently office creation business) at the time, I decided to join this company someday, hoping that this company would also be involved in business development.

What kind of experience did you have before that?

When I was a student, I was enrolled in the engineering department. I worked on graduation research on a theme that was more difficult than my school level. There was also a scene that I wanted to give up, but when I continued to think and challenge myself, I saw the light, and it is a treasure I finally gained from my school days. In addition, driving with friends and driving around the country, having opportunities to see the world, and other things that are not directly related to school work or employment, now my core in business development it has become. After graduation, I worked at an import trading company and a plastic products manufacturer. They are all small and medium-sized enterprises, engaged in import, warehouse management, product development, planning, sales, shipping arrangements and overall business. Being able to directly experience the process of business growth is a great asset.

What do you value as pioneers?

I think that my job will be fun and that it will be all about devising something like that. Things that you don't like at first seem to be caught positively while doing. If you are interested in positive things and if you keep working on it, I think that luck will be on your side, and that light will always shine.

Please tell us what you want to challenge in Interman from now on.

The current work itself is the challenge itself. What I am working on is supported by my colleagues. Of course it is difficult, but we will start with three businesses, and we will continue to work with responsibility to make a profit. I believe that if any of these seeds can be commercialized, we will take on the challenge every day, thinking that it will be the realization of our corporate philosophy of “making ideas into form and making you be happy”.

What kind of person do you want to work with in Interman?

It is a person who wants to be the “giving” side. People who give their abilities, time, and effort to society and think that they are small pillars that support society can create new values and seeds. So I would like to work with someone who has a spirit of giving.



Wake up


Visiting, after morning meeting, check the operation of equipment and test equipment, if there is a problem, take action Based on the business plan




Schedule based on the business plan


End of business


Survey and self-study


Going home, eating


Radio, reading


Go to bed