Office Creation Division Tokyo Metropolitan Area Office


I keep it in mind that proposals always from the customer's point of view, with flexible ideas, rather than always in a routine way.

Please tell us about your current work.

We propose, introduce, and support operations after the introduction of Soroel Arena, a collective purchasing management system for office goods mail order service ASUKUL Co., Ltd., at offices in the Tokyo metropolitan area. After graduating from university, I was able to do sales all the time, so I use the experience to formulate sales strategies, train newcomers, manage personnel and work as a player. Basically, the above service proposal will be the center, but if necessary, we propose various problem solutions so that we can meet the needs of our customers as much as possible.

Please tell us how you joined Interman.

In my previous job, I worked for three and a half years planning and sales of a major food and beverage-related free paper. During that time, I was introduced to a friend from my school days who worked in Interman, and had the opportunity to have a meal with my present seniors. As I talked previously, I felt the energy that this company was full of venture spirits and will continue to grow. In addition, despite the first meeting, the conversation was buzzing in a very frank atmosphere, and the image of working like, “Does these people become my own boss” came to me. There was also a strong invitation from a friend, but I decided to join because I felt strongly that I wanted to challenge in the Interman.

What kind of student were you in your school days?

When I was a student, I tried to create opportunities to interact with many people, such as holding three circle activities. Thanks to that, I think that the advent of the spirit of “going out and wanting to know various people and the world” has been cultivated in my school days. I want to know various things, making use of the privilege of being a “student” during employment and talking with hundreds of recruiters in any industry, etc. I was active. I was able to learn a lot about a wide variety of services companies, especially real estate, securities, insurance and bridal. The feeling that “I want to go outside and want to know various people and the world” is still the same, and it may be that I was pushed back by such an adventurous mind when I decided to join Interman.

What do you value as corporate planning sales?

Customers have a wide variety of issues. In order for customers to think that “they think about us and make this proposal,” we need a proposal from the customer's point of view. To that end, we will focus on listening to the customer's story first, instead of overarching explanations, and then propose clearly understandable solutions to the problem that the customer really wants. I try to be the first. ASUKUL is used by many corporations, but simply using the existing proposal materials and providing explanations in a conventional manner does not solve the problems that customers are actually facing. What is the customer's desire? It is necessary to explain clearly the solution which this understands well and the customer can be convinced.

Please tell us what you want to challenge in Interman from now on.

In the past, Interman has provided ASKUL implementation support and operation support to customers in more than 60,000 business types in various industries and business types, including startups and government offices, and is currently conducting ongoing transactions. In the future, for such customers, we will focus on activities to optimize not only purchasing of office supplies and stationery but also the entire office environment. I would like to be able to be relied on by customers, such as “Interman dealing with ASKUL” and “Interman creating an office environment”.

What kind of person do you want to work with in Interman?

I want to work with a person who has free ideas and can enjoy work. At Interman, we are doing such activities that we plan for ourselves and are delighted by our customers. Those who think freely, create the value of Plus Alpha, and can enjoy assembling their work may be suitable for the sales of Interman. In addition, I think that it will become stronger as an organization if people with diverse ideas and skills gather as one sales team, so I would like to work with people with experience and skills beyond the scope of sales positions.



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