About Interman


We convey excitement of discovery and Innovation! Increase! Bring up!

Convey, increase, and nurture the excitement of discovery and innovation! "is the mission of Interman. We are working with the idea that "make an idea and please you ".”You" refers to all intellectual life related to customers, employees, family members, and Interman‘s regardless of time base. When we were told it was just a small little feature, it makes us feel happy to be touched by the kindness of the person who invented it. Even if we cannot convey it, we are excited at the depths when we notice it. We hope that we will delight our customers, our employees, our families, and all of us without forgetting the excitement of discovery and innovation in all our daily lives.

“Interman" named with the idea that people and people are connected to create new added value.

A 20-year-old summer, I took a backpack and got into a ship bound for Shanghai without deciding where to go. Cross the desert, go over the mountain and reach the Kival Bar. On the way back, I could not leave Manila airport very much, and finally it was in time for the exam. After returning home, I was fascinated by interviews, writing, editing, and sales to publish a corporate magazine for students. With the activities that bring about the idea of "creating" form a valuable experience that leads to the future, I decided to produce "Interman". “Amazing". This word inspires me. When I brought a prototype of a speech booth using sound-absorbing material to San Francisco and heard it in a conversation between a father and a shouldered child, I received further encouragement and accelerated the idea into a “shape”! This uplifting feeling is unbearable. Even if it looks like nothing at all, all of our businesses have such “thoughts”. Because of this, we create new products and services from our work, and even believe in the possibilities of agriculture and fisheries, infrastructure and energy. Currently, an ultra-long-term storage memory labeled "Interman Co." is loaded on a certain artificial satellite and is rotating outside the earth's orbit. About 20 years later, it approaches the earth. This distance, about 5 million km. Well, how to collect this memory, thinking about such things, the journey of a boat named "Interman" is going on.